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Creatives, Marketers, new media and the future?

 Creatives, Marketers, new media and the future?

Would the new creatives please stand up?

So, Coca-Cola has chopped some of its traditional advertising budget in order to make way for social media. What does this mean for you and me and the rest of the creative world?

It means times are changing and skills need to change as well. The big corporates have seen the importance of social media and the rest of the world will follow suit. Being just a designer will not help anymore. Being a web designer won’t get you any further any more. Now, it’s about ideas. Don’t get me wrong, traditional media still plays a huge role, but the landscape has been widened and new skills are being sourced.

What skills?

The ‘regurgitating designer’ will now be pointless. Social media is so vast that conceptual creatives have to now come to the forefront. You need to ask yourself: ‘What does our Twitter page have to say about us? What can we implement that will make our blog an experience like no other?’ These are questions that will require input from the creative, after all, that’s what they want creativity.

Basically, what I’m saying is that a combination of technical and conceptual is vital in the future of creativity. I’m talking about a new kind of conceptual thinker. One that knows and lives the digital space. Someone who understands the online world’s behaviour and trends. Online media is extremely cluttered, and bland work will not do.

So, you’re probably wondering why really badly-shot videos become viral?

That’s my point exactly; we’ve seen so much good quality work that when we see badly shot stuff, it becomes unique once again. This is a lesson that we, as creatives, have to take into consideration. We have to ‘unknow what we know’ in order to churn out fresh material. Companies like Adidas have been known to use material from the average person on the street for a shot of fresh originality.

What about the marketers?

Marketers have an advantage as they have been trained in traditional marketing and are currently learning about social media. That said, I also think marketers should n’t simply eat up the “ready-made“ social media strategies that we see every day. I’m no marketer, but I believe that they too should ‘unknow what they know’.

What then?

Creatives need to pick up a marketing book, and start understanding what the consumer is. They need to also have the edge that marketers have. I strongly believe that the future creative will be one with marketing skills. If I was hiring, I’d hire someone with a blend of social marketing and design skills.

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