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11 dumb things clients say to graphic designers?

 11 dumb things clients say to graphic designers?


We’ve all had frustrating design requests from equally frustrating clients, so I figured I would compile a list of the silliest requests I have received. In my next post, I’ll do the same for photography. If you are a potential future client, please take note. If you are a designer, please share some of your out-of-this-world client requests.

I’ll pay you when the company makes money if you do the logo for me now.
How about you pay me now and we will watch your company grow together.

Just do it for me for free, you can put it on your portfolio.
My portfolio doesn’t work as a credit card, otherwise I’d be driving a Ferrari that’s pimped up like a 70’s Cadillac pimp car

You don’t need a brief, I know you’re good.
Why thank you, but please note I do charge by the hour.

I did art in high school, I know what I’m doing.
High school, wow. Can I be your friend?

I’d like to sit with you throughout the design process, just so we get it right the first time.
Ummm no.

Can you design this in 30 minutes? I have a presentation later.
Can you come back yesterday and I’ll have it ready in 30 minutes.

Make the samples first then I’ll decide form there if I like them and will pay then.
Cool, let me borrow you car quickly to go pick up my leprichaun cousin in Hillbrow.

Just grab the logo from the website or letterhead.


Please design this in PowerPoint.
Sure, please pass me those two stones so I can rub them together to light this cigarette.

I want this logo to have a waterfall, flowers a picture of a guy embracing life and every other dumb idea I know.
Usually I just do what they ask for. This kind of person is a lost cause.

I know your mom, so I’m sure you can do this for me for free.
I know you mom and you really have to pay double.

Please share your client horror stories too. Tell us and we will cry together.


Artwell Nwaila

Creative Director. Founder of The SA Creatives. Designer, fine artist, writer, photographer & idea hunter. Arch enemy of Powerpoint. @artwelln