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African tales from a high witchdoctor of the Zulus, told in comics

 African tales from a high witchdoctor of the Zulus, told in comics

The Tree Of Life Trilogy

MA – Book One

A work in progress.

This ancient African legend, was first told by a Wise One, many, many, moons ago, around the campfires of our long forgotten ancestors. It is the story, from which all other stories told since, find their root. Based on the creation myth from Indaba, My Children, written by Credo Mutwa in ’64, this Graphic Novel Adaptation has raised this ancient African legend back from the dead. MA is the first Graphic Novel in The Tree Of Life Trilogy. An epic African tale, of how everything, as we know it, came to be.

We believe that this story, could help bridge the divide between people. At its core, it speaks to humanity’s common source and our interconnectedness to the cosmos, nature, each other and ourselves. It is a reservoir of profound ancient African knowledge and wisdom, that, had we not intervened, would’ve vanished into obscurity.

Indaba, My Children, was written by Credo Mutwa, the High Witchdoctor of the Zulus in 1964. He belongs to an ancient chain of knowledge-keepers whose duty it is to pass the profound knowledge of the ancestors down to their firstborn son. When his son was murdered, and thus the link in the chain of knowledge had been broken, he was determined not to let this profound ancient wisdom die with him, and so he wrote Indaba, My Children. In so doing, he broke his sacred oath and betrayed his lineage, becoming a traitor to his people.

Indaba, My Children, like its author, has long since vanished into obscurity, yet it has been hailed as one of the top ten most iconic African Books ever written.

Mark McKeown was born in Pietermaritzburg in 1981. From an early age, he has always been passionate about storytelling; African Myth, Legend and Lore being the source of his inspiration. He has a Diploma in Entertainment Technology and a Degree in Motion Picture Medium. He has written and directed a number of plays, short films and features. He has also built stage sets for amateur, as well as professional theatre productions, the most notable being The Train Driver and The Bird Watchers, both written and directed by Athol Fugard. He has however, always aspired to be a writer and director of comic art. It was only recently that he began work on the adaptation of the iconic African book – Indaba,My Children, into a Graphic Novel Trilogy, an undertaking, which in total, has taken him seven years to achieve.

Andre Human, the comic artist, was the final piece in this puzzle. He was born in George in 1987, and from a young age, has always had aspirations to be a comic artist. Andre possesses an unique insight and skill, that has made him a highly sought-after illustrator in the industry. He has a Diploma in Graphic Design, and has worked as a conceptual artist and storyboarder on many Hollywood films – Judge Dredd 3D, The Scorpion King 3 and The Last House On The Left, to name but a few. With dramatic and vivid detail, Andre has painstakingly brought MA, its ancient world, and its larger-than life characters back to life. There is no doubt that Andre’s artistry and flare, rivals even the most accomplished of comic artists at work in the world today.

Mark and Andre are both based in Cape Town, and work from their abandoned-psych-ward-cum-comic-studio. They have been working on MA, the first of three Graphic Novels in The Tree Of Life Trilogy, since March 2011.

MA is expected to hit the shelves in June 2012.

Proceeds from book sales will be donated toThe Credo Mutwa Aids Hospital.


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