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Winning an Award in style [Studio]

 Winning an Award in style [Studio]

First and foremost, congratulations on your first award [Bookmark Award – Bronze Craft Award  ] and we are sure there are many more to follow. The issue that won the award was the seven deadly sins issue, what was the idea behind this issue?

Well thank you. The seven deadly sins issue was inspired by Lebogang Nkoane. He suggested the theme and then I went in deep in it. This even went back to watching the director’s cut of the movie Seven with Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, which came out in 1995. When you look at the seven deadly sins, you will notice that we commit at least three of them on a daily basis and it seems normal nowadays. Writers and photographers were briefed to explore each sin from their individual perspectives.

Your publication is very visual, clean and trendy. Who are the team members you credit for this effort?

We are blessed to have a team that believes in Studio83 and supports the crazy ideas that we put forward. We always work with Judd van Rensburg on the photography — he is amazing to work with and makes sure that he pushes the boundary when working with s83, which is awesome. Then there is Mpumi Ntintili-Sinxoto, who is the stylist. She does an amazing job to source the clothes and I depend on her eye as well in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Diana Mahapho does her stuff when it comes to make up. We always try to do something we haven’t done before that other publications are not currently doing.

Tell us a little bit more about the stunning photography used in the seven deadly sins issue.

The idea was to have seven photographers shooting each sin separetely, but the logistics and budget didn’t allow it to happen smoothly. So what happened eventually was that Judd shoot the seven deadly sins – which meant seven shots in one day, which we have never done before. We had four models to shoot over seven sins. This intense when it came to time, but at the end, everything came out beautifully.

Studio 83 is now an award-winning brand. What now?

We have been trying to sell advertising on the website for a while, but the people we aligned ourselves with in the past disappointed us at times. Getting the award is great, but that doesn’t change our objectives – we still want to produce good quality magazines and would love to grow and become the best publication out there.

I know I have asked you this before, but is print an option for the future?

Print will never die, so yes – in the future, when budget allows it to happen, we will make it happen. For now, online is where it is. There is a gap in the print market for something like Studio83, but only time and funds will tell.

What is the theme for the next issue?

Icons or iconic – Haven’t thought much about the direction that we are taking, but that will be decided before the end of this year. This issue will be celebrating our icons, people who we respect and look up to within this new age/era that we are in.

Do you have any advice for young creatives looking to start their own digital publication?

“In 27 years, the longest I’ve been out of the studio is two weeks” Dr Dre

That’s how you become the greatest hip-hop producer of all time, and that’s how you become the best at anything. When your competition is on vacation, you work. When your competition is sleeping, you work. When your competition is talking shit about you, you work. – This was taken from Tumblr.


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Below are some of the images from the award winning issue. Enjoy, we did








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