“They NEVER allowed white people into their bomas” Aernout tells us more


Thank you for giving us a few moments of you time and welcome to the SA Creative Network.

Your photography is stunning, how would you define your style and how did it all start?

My style is basic and very simple, honest I would say, very analogue.It is shot on film and printed in the darkroom, with the litho printing process.
If you would like to know more about that, you should buy the book or attend one of my five-day photography courses in a French chateau next year.

Your Tanzanian images (The book NDOTO Tanzania Dream, ISBN 978 90 5544 789 3) are a stunning portrayal of our continent. What inspired this project and tell us a little about your experience during this shoot.

When I was working on my project, LA COMEDIA, I used all sorts of stuff I collected during my travels around the globe. I showed these pictures to an art director friend, who said I should photograph the Maasai.
“Pardon?” was my reply. She then told me she had a friend married to a Maasai woman. That made it easy to get in touch with them. I spent weeks with them and was allowed to do what I needed to do.
It was very special because they NEVER allow white people into their bomas.It was an incredible experience to be in their lives and be accepted.

What are you working on at the moment and what are your hopes for the future?

The next book after “NDOTO Tanzania Dream”, called “COMEDIA” is on the shelf. My next project is a book about how crazy we humans can be, it will all be shot at he French chateau.

What advice would you give to our young budding photographers in South Africa looking to do what you do?

Most important is to realise that we photographers have a duty to show the world what is and what should never be forgotten. Cultures are swept away, which is horrible. I should visit more tribes and people in Africa and around the world to make sure they will be never forgotten, as they often are.

Where can the readers view more of your work?

My new website is under construction and will be in the air very soon.

www. aernoutoverbeeke.com   or nl.



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