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We chat with creators of the brilliant film: Mac and Cheese

 We chat with creators of the brilliant film: Mac and Cheese


Thank you for giving us a few moments of you time and welcome to the SA Creative Network.
We recently caught on to the success of Mac ‘n’ Cheese here in South Africa, thanks to the internet. For those who don’t know what Mac ‘n’ Cheese is, please give us a short description of what it is and how it started?

Mac ‘n’ Cheese is an animated short directed and created by four students at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands. This roughly two-minute animation took about five months to make, and about a bajillion peanut butter sandwiches.
The idea to create something like this started a while back, about two years ago. The whole underlying ‘attitude’ was born out of an aversion against nowadays’ expectations on moral and story in animations and film. We just wanted to create something awesome, no story, no message. Just a short ride to enjoy, without too much thinking. Focused on directing, editing and animation, in combination with the right lighting, composition and colours, the main goal was to give the audience the chance to have a little fun before returning to work or school, just for two minutes. We wanted to create an internet movie for a young crowd, we hoped it would go viral but didn’t expect this much publicity!

With all the exciting animation projects you are working on currently, what can the creative world expect from Colorbleed?
We’re all going to be working freelance jobs, hoping to make enough money to support our future dreams of creating more and more shorts or even feature-length films!

The next months are probably going to be very Mac ‘n’ Cheesy, we’re screening at about 15 different festivals around the world this year. We’re planning on sending it in to even more festivals in 2012!
We’re hoping to get some chances to pitch our ideas for films to producers or investors. We’re very much interested in CG and live action integration as well as full 3D productions. Hoping the future will provide us with some nice offers! It would be so cool to work on our own short films, feature film or series if people would pay us to do so! The big dream is to eventually own an awesome studio, working on projects in film and TV.

We have up-and-coming animators in South Africa. What advice would you give to these young minds?
We’re all pretty much self-taught 3D artists at this point, our school merely served as a platform over the last few years, a very resourceful platform for a crowd with the same interests. You learn the most from the people you talk to and share with every day. This is why we deeply care for the CG community out there. Pretty much everything we know comes from the artists who share their ideas, experiences and knowledge. We want to pass this along and keep on sharing, and we want you to share with us too.

Where can our readers view more of your work?

Our website:

We’ll be releasing the full website within a few weeks and are working on our showreel.

Our Facebook page:

Our Twitter account: @Colorbleed3D 

The Mac ‘n’ Cheese FB page: MacNCheeseShort


 Below is a snippet of the Mac and cheese video and still from Mac and Cheese









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