Twitter; how creatives do it wrong


Tech-savvy designers have right fully jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Any creative in the business world today will tell you the importance of Twitter with regards to marketing and sharing information. But how do you share any information without genuine followers? And what makes someone a genuine follower?

There are hundreds on techniques to increase your over all amount of followers. I’ve conducted an experiment using two of the most popular traffic-generating methods on Twitter.



I started by tracking two of my accounts (@artwelln and @thisiscreativ)
With the first account (@thisiscreativ), I followed everyone who was into design, photography and other creative fields. I found influential design and creative accounts and clicked follow, follow, follow like a kid who had just discovered a calculator. I did this till I reached 2 000 people in one week and my fingers bled. I clearly had free time.

My second account (@artwelln) had a more mature approach. I regularly tweeted interesting information and directed people to my Twitter account from my personal blog. I treated this account like a Twitter account should be treated.
The first account (@thisiscreativ) gained many followers. The “I’ll follow you if you follow me” mentality was running in overdrive (this is another article, altogether.)
The second account (@artwelln) grew very slowly. But I didn’t mind as I was getting genuine interaction, rich content and networking daily. This is precious; this is how an account is meant to grow.

Or is it?
Something strange was happening, though. Although my first account had no genuine interaction, I received a chunk of my traffic from the account (I’m talking huge amounts). Added to this, the account was being followed by people who I wasn’t following in return. Till this day, the account grows and drives traffic to my blog. Could the tight jean-wearing social media-marketing experts be wrong?

So what’s more important, traffic to your website or genuine interaction?
It’s a common trend for people to follow those with large numbers. Many followers mean more influential account holders. This is not true e.g: @bobthedog is as influential as a bag of pancakes.

The tight jean-wearing social media-marketing experts are not wrong at all. Genuine interaction is king. I enjoy real conversation with likeminded creatives , making genuine connections which will lead to good business. It’s great having a large amount of traffic, but traffic does not equal communication. It’s the old ‘quality vs. quantity’ debate. The viewers you want are the ones who come back, those who comment and those who seek advice from you. It takes time to grow your amount of followers, but it’s when your account is filled with real followers that you’ll have the perfect balance; a large amount of relevant traffic.

I am currently testing other ‘Twitter fan-collecting’ tricks. If you have any tricks up your sleeve, do share…. Or you can leave a comment below.


*And just for the hell of it  Ive added a selection of humorous twitter videos. enjoy
The videos may contain language that is not suitable for younger viewers .So if cell phones where already invented when you were born, your too young.





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