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Divine Rule by Kim Gush – Fashion

 Divine Rule by Kim Gush – Fashion

Today we chat to artist Kim Gush. We welcome you to the SA Creative Network.


Please tell us, who is Kim Gush?

I’m an aspiring fashion designer with a passion for film and costume. My design work doesn’t stop at the garments though; I create an entire look, from hair and makeup to accessories. I want people to use my garments and designs as a tool, to be able to combine street-wear with some more experimental pieces. This is a way to create an opportunity for people to express themselves by becoming fashion innovators when it comes to style, instead of fashion followers.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and how would you define your style?

My work follows the motto: ‘To understand where we are today, we need to explore where we came from.’ I am intrigued by ancient cultures, the myths and legends created and the human psyche behind it. My work depicts the darker secrets often untold, turning them into tangible beings today. I combine old and new techniques to create something that tells a story for the future.

Please can you tell us the story behind the Immortality of Divine Rule work?

The Chinese terracotta army is the inspiration behind the collection. This story tells of the sacrifice and burial of soldiers, mistresses and workmen in order to create the emperor’s ideal afterlife. The immortality of divine rule is a visual plethora of the creatures that may be resurrected from this tomb.

What are you currently working on and what do you hope to work on in the future?

I am currently working on a freelance basis within the film and costume industry, something that is a passion of mine, and wish to make more of a permanent career in the future. My goal is to become an established independent designer, as well as create a name for myself in the costume industry alongside names such as Aiko Ishioka (The Cell, Circque Du Soleil) and Trisha Biggar. (Star Wars)

What advice would you give to young South Africans looking to enter the fashion world?

Always offer something new and creative. There is a market out there that is hungry for innovative design and if you make the product available, they will find a way to get their hands on it.

Where can the readers view more of your work?



Twitter: @Madameme_B


The Immortality of Divine Rule Video:








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