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Interview with Director and Fashion wildchild – Niek Pulles

 Interview with Director and Fashion wildchild – Niek Pulles

Today we chat to Director and Fashion wildchild Niek Pulles who goes by goes by the name HEYNIEK. He is 25 years old and graduated in 2009 at the Design Academy Eindhoven. As a young kid he would say HEY! to everyone on the streets, hence the nick name Heyniek .


HEYNIEK is … fast. Enthusiastic. Colourful. Always hunting for something new. Likes to call himself an experimental and visual iInspirator. A person who wants to help people visualise their ideas by means of film, photography and material experiments.

Film, fashion and animation is an interesting collection of skills. How did that come about and which is your favorite skill?
The fastness of the fashion world and the techniques of film are a beautiful and great combination and a very helpful way to explain what’s in my mind. At the design academy, I always used film to explain a concept or a design. Now people in the film industry are helping me to make it more professional. I like to work with real materials and make fast and sketchy films, that’s my favourite.

 Where do you draw your inspiration from and how would you define your style?
Intuition in combination with what I see around me. I get inpired by almost everything. But I also believe in checking out what others do, keeping up-to-date and staying with your own style. I think my style is very experimental, abstract and energetic. You can see I almost made it in a “rush”, but carefully considered of course! I like to work fast and move on to the next thing.

What are you currently working on and what do you hope to work on in the future?
I just finished a project with photographer and director Pablo Delfos. We created a video clip for the Dutch artist Pete Philly. I am working on a ‘secret’ project. So can’t tell much. But I hope to work on more music videos and fashion films. Maybe for a lovely fashion brand .

What advice would you give young South Africans looking to enter the film, fashion and animation world?
Stay close to yourself and your feelings. Don’t get distracted by others. Listen to your teachers and give it your own twist . Work hard, Be kind, rewind, do things over and over again. And also dare to create something ugly. Never be scared of what other people think. Provoke.

Where can the readers view more of your work?










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Video Pete Philly:


Patch Up Pull Over / graduation:




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