Photography, natural beauty & Stefan Guido Schmidt


 Who is Stefan Guido Schmidt (nickname Guidos )and what do you do?
For all my life I have been able to see ‘pictures’, no matter if they are paintings, conceptual art, brand images, photographs or films. I feel like an instrument and I am doing my best to express this input, which is given to me through my work as an artist, musician or designer. It is my mission, I guess. I think it’s all about what we call fantasy, isn’t it? I always loved to work with people like me, with the same ability to see and imagine things as I do.



Your career has seen you do graphic design, illustration and photography. Which of these art forms represents you best?
 I think it is the combination of all these talents. Every picture I see needs its own medium  to be expressed in the way it asks for.

How would you define your style of photography?
My work is always a big tribute to the natural beauty in everything. I always fall in love with the beauty of a face, an environment or a certain light and want to keep it, hold it through my photography. I never use make-up or hair stylists and almost no professional models for my shoots. I understand myself more as a director. I always want to express a whole movie with just one photograph.



What are you currently working on?
I would like to do short films. I have had three scripts in mind for years, which I need to let come true. At the moment, I am looking for the perfect team and sponsors to turn those movies into reality.

What can we expect form you in the future?
Magic. Mystery. Myself.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?
Follow your heart.


Where can the readers view more of your work?







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