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TRADIGITAL -Traditional and Digital mixed in one-Florian Nicolle

 TRADIGITAL -Traditional and Digital mixed in one-Florian Nicolle

Today we chat to Florian Nicolle aka Neo a 25 year old French freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

Who is Florian Nicolle and what do you do?
I have a degree in Graphic Design; part of my studies included illustration, which influenced much of my current work. I work primarily on illustration projects: Movie posters, Art Books, Newspapers, TV spots, Tee-shirts and Packaging. My clients include: Los Angeles Times, ESPN classic, NIKE, Warner Bros and KHL,

Your illustration work looks very technical, where did you learn this skill?
By practicing a lot and always doing  research.



How would you define your style?
I try to create an image that retains its freshness from the first paint stroke. The expressions of the line have to be very free and spontaneous. While keeping the drawing rigorous, I use fast techniques and a large brush, water colours and Chinese ink.

Your illustration is very expressive. Is it all digital or do you actually draw and use water paint?
I do TRADIGITAL; it is a mix of traditional hand drawing and Digital painting. I first draw on paper, then I digitalise it and I continue to work it in Photoshop.



What are you currently working on?
I can’t give away too many details… But for now, I’m working on a campaign for a famous sports brand.I am also working on Illustrations for a KHL team (Kontinental Hockey League of Russia) , divers illustration works applied for website and, CD covers . I have also just finished an illustration destined to be exposed in the gallery at Warner Bros.

What can we expect form you in the future?
To continue on my path, and to advance in my style gradually.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?
I would advice young creatives to work hard and  have passion for their craft.

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