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Quick chat with an allround Fine Artist: Gabriela Brandaõ

 Quick chat with an allround Fine Artist: Gabriela Brandaõ

Who is Gabriela Brandaõ and what do you do?
I am 22 years old, born and bred in Cape Town, exploring art in almost all its creative forms. I am a freelance artist and photographer, mostly doing works for my own creative fulfilment and experimenting with new art forms picked up along the way.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and how would you define your style?
My surroundings, as I would think with most artists, are the basis from which I draw my inspiration. What I see captures my attention, whether I understand it or not. That is the purpose of art. What you don’t understand, can be warped into anything. My style, if I were to define it, would be along the lines of visual snapshots, altered by imagination and my understanding of them.


Please can you tell us about the paintings you have sent us and how the series came about?
The paintings were a series of nude photographs I did as a project a while back, taken as fragments of the body, distorting the natural form completely. I then decided to create a series of paintings, undistorted but mimicking the shapes and forms of the fragments in the photographs which I took.

What other art forms do you have an interest in?
I’ve experimented in many art forms. At the moment, my interests lie mostly in photography, painting and illustration. I am also exploring sculpture and mini clay figures.

What are you working on at the moment and what are your hopes for the future?
I am currently working on a photographic series in black and white, depicting buildings in Cape Town (old and new) taken from the lowest view point possible. I am also working on a series of paintings. My hopes for the future would be to have my works exhibited both locally and internationally. Hopefully making my mark in the art industry and gaining recognition amongst talented South African artists.

We have a large amount of young talented artists in South Africa, what is your advice to them with regard to the industry?
Nothing will get in the way of your success if you really want it. Be prepared to put everything into your work. The art industry in South Africa has grown immensely and with talented emerging artists, you have to stand out and enter it with a bang.

Where can readers view more of your work?
For more images of works I’ve done and projects I’ll be working on, you can check out my “MySpace” page: or for any further information, I can be contacted via email:






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