The Abstract Ed Babb-animator, art director and painter


Who is Ed Babb, where are you based and what do you do?
I was born Edward Francis Loverock Babb (You can call me Ed) in 1985 in Johannesberg, though I grew up in several places, but mostly Italy and Cape Town. I currently live in Cape Town and I am a mattepainter, artist, animator and photographer.



Define your creative style?
Abstract expressionism within aesthetic restraints.

You are an animator, art director and painter. Which is you best?
Artist, or painter. I think the former casts a wide enough umbrella. Most of my personal work is rather abstract, and done for my own pleasure. However, my commercial work is more refined, and often doesn’t enter the realm of abstraction, but rather that of hyper-realism. Mattepainting is meant to fool the eye enough to believe it can be real, not that is is real. Most of my commercial work is for advertising as a background painter (mattepainter) and as an art director or in pre-production work as a concept artist.



You also have a passion for photography. Some might call you a jack of all trades. what led you to Photography?
The immediacy of photography is what attracts me to it. To be able to tell a story in a frame, in an instant of time… it really is worth a thousand words (and more). While the editing and cleanup of a photo may take hours, when you get a great shot in just a moment – few things are as satisfying.

What are you currently working on?
Some personal projects, including an exhibition of work from a trip I made to Peru.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I can’t see that far.



What advice would you give to young South African creatives looking to do what you do.?
Work hard, no one owes you a thing.

Where can our readers find your work?

Twitter: @edbabb










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