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The Social Media Project by Nadia Jansen van Vuuren

 The Social  Media Project by Nadia Jansen van Vuuren

Who is Nadia Jansen van Vuuren and what do you do?
I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer. I am a three star photographer at the National Photography Club (NPC). Recently film photography has caught my attention. I bought myself a secondhand RICOH KR10 film camera and started shooting in film and developing the film myself.

What inspired The Social  Media Project?
The social media project is inspired by my newly found hobby in film photography. In our technologically virtual society we have been washed into a mainstream of digital photography. In 2011, film photography made a comeback with iPhonography through Instagram and Hipstamatic. The UK based film photography project, Lomography, also had an influence on the comeback of film photography. It’s back and it’s trendy. Our multi-moment society is transformed into a one-moment society.

On my social media platforms I post my own film photos and what I’ve learnt from the process and experience’s. I provide tips and techniques, showcase film photographers and their work and where to find equipment.

What are you currently working on?
Currently I am working on a campaign for VredeFest and the Vrede Foundation, run by Henre Pretorius. The goal is to inform students in South Africa about the dangers of cancer at a young age and to call the students to action and test themselves for cancer

We have a large amount of young talented artists in South Africa, what is your advice to them with regard to the industry?
Great typography work is what sets a great designer apart from a good designer. As graphic designers we work hard and sleep little but we get the chance to live in a fantasy world created on our macs which gives colour and meaning to the dull world around us.


Where can we find your work

My work can be found at:

Behance profile: Nadia Jansen van Vuuren

Pinterest profile: natzjvv

My social media project at:


Twitter page: @shootcase

Facebook page: Shootcase











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