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Web design Trends that should die

 Web design Trends that should die

The digital world is flourishing like never before, yet people refuse to let go of old and unprofessional trends. So if you don’t want fall in the category of web design failures, try avoiding the points mentioned in the list below. And for those of you who do have some of the below features on your website, don’t stress. The first step to rehabilitation is admitting you have a problem.

Scrapbook design

Let’s start with the all too popular scrapbook design. It pains me to say this, because one of my best friends has this kind of website. But someone has to say something.  Dear Peter, you’re not fourteen and you have no reason to pollute our monitors with this mess. In fact, you should be charged with crimes against humanity. Over designed themed websites take away from the core focus of the website and also portray immaturity.

Shock treatment

Websites that play music when launching should be reported to the nearest police station. This also goes for websites that have auto play videos. What the creators of these sites fail to understand is that some of us have jobs. At our jobs we have computers, and these pc’s have speakers, I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. This is not a good way to introduce me (or my boss) to your website, so stop it, your scaring the crap out of us.


This is a touchy one and I know I’m going to get attacked for this one. I am a huge fan of flash but not for websites, well not in this day and age. What is the point of having a site that search engines can’t pick up? By making a flash website, you automatically weaken your chances of going viral. No one likes to go to a horse race with a donkey.


Web designers at times like to get too clever for their own good. Creating a website that is more complicated than changing a steering rack on a car, is like shooting yourself in the leg. I often see this on the creative’s online portfolios, as they see this as a perfect opportunity to show off their brilliance. You’re brilliant, we get it but stick to the formula. Keep the navigation standard, no one has the time to figure out your platform.

White on black

White on black text has to be thought out very well. The copy may look brilliant on your 23 inch screen, but try reading a full article on a mobile device without straining your eyes.

Background image

There is nothing more annoying than going to a website and seeing a huge stretched picture of the blogger in the background. What’s worse is when the image is duplicated a million times. It’s distracting, tacky and invasive. There are lots of websites that pull the background image beautifully. Try following their approach or don’t do it at all.


Intros that go on forever and don’t have the ‘skip intro’ feature show a lack of understanding of the online community and I’m sure it’s one of the seven deadly sins. The digital space is about quick in’s and outs, so the features on your platform should accommodate this. The home page should be easy to get to and navigate. Please do not bore us with an intro video that outlines your mission statement and never ends. Put your readers in the driving seat.

Too much copy is sloppy

The last thing you want to do is land on the home page of a website and be greeted by tons of copy. On the home page I need be able to see what you’re about, almost immediately without having to read through until my clothes get out of fashion. Also avoid tiny text and using all caps. Yes I’m talking to you Paul…again. Don’t worry you’re still my friend.

Let us know what web design trends need to die a quick death by filling in the comments section.




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