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Constantly exploring photography -Jennifer Endom

 Constantly exploring photography -Jennifer Endom

Who is Jennifer Endom, where are you based and what do you do?
I am a German photographer currently living and working in London. I studied Photography at the Fh Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

How long have you been a photographer and is it as cool as everyone says?
I’ve been freelancing for three years now, and it’s very cool, as long as you’re ok with not having a steady income. Getting to travel for me is the coolest part of my job. As a matter of fact I will be in SA this weekend for a freelance job!

Some of your images (on your portfolio) have a beautiful blur. Tell us how you achieve this.
My technique is constant exploring.

What are you currently working on?
I just finished a shoot with “Marina and the Diamonds”, a Welsh singer songwriter for Fault Magazine, I’m currently in the editing process

What advice would you give to young creatives looking to do what you do.?
Young creatives, in any industry, needs to be very persistent. The creativity business is hard and always will be, so keep on pushing yourself-even though there are bad times. (Yes there are going to be bad times) And as the German Graphic Designer Eike König from Berlin once said, “Never listen to people who want to set boundaries to your creativity”. I think that’s very important.

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