Groundbreaking Graphic Novel- chapter one launched


MA is ancient African creation myth that has for the first time in thousands of years, has been resurrected from obscurity,and brought back to to life in vivid comic art. This is truly an Africa, the likes of which have never seen. What the book of Genesis is to Christians, this story was to the ancient Africans. The complex cosmological, esoterical and spiritual knowledge hidden deep within this story, offer age-old insights and wisdom into things that only now, are modern scientists discovering. This larger than life story, with it’s larger than life characters, takes us on a grand and psychedilic journey, from the moments preceeding the Big Bang, to the death of The Nothingness, to the birth of ‘our ancestral parents’, and finally, to the fateful birth of the first earthly people. This project aims to redefine African Identity, popularize African wisdom, and with enough support, increase Third World Literacy.’


Recently Chapter 1 of MA the E-Comic was launched , which you can read for free at Concurrently, they have also launched thier crowd-funding campaign @

‘They are currently half-way through MA, Book One of The Tree of Life Trilogy and are hoping to raise a total of $5000 in completion funds.’

Read more:

African tales from a high witchdoctor of the Zulus, told in comics

The story behind the story- Tree of Life Trilogy #graphicnovel

Watch this space to see how the project progresses!!

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