Artbid invites you to exhibit on their online gallery


Artbid  ( ) is an online auction platform developed to to assist emerging artists in getting their careers going by showcasing their talent to a global audience.


Suzanne Bohme  gives more insight on the website “Our offering to the artist is unique in that every artist will get a dedicated page, displaying a complete artist profile/CV, all available works, an unlimited number of gallery images that also display in the Facebook Gallery and Google Market, marketing on the top global search engines namely, Google, Bing and Yahoo, display in our weekly newsletter on the latest additions, and all of this at no cost to the artist.”

Artbid’s primary categories fall into Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Photography and Mosaics.  The shopping experience is simplified by allowing buyers to narrow thier search by Price, Medium, Subject, Surface and Size.

Bohme goes on to tell us “The team assists both the artist and buyer by facilitating the complete sales process, once a sale has been made, curators will make all the necessary arrangements for the piece to be collected from the artist, correctly packaged for shipping and then shipped to the buyer, upon buyer acceptance, Artbid will release payment to the artist, less sales commission.”

The website brings about a unique position for buyers to invest in an artist early on in their career, this sort of early buy-in has the potential for great growth for artists. also offers buyers an appraisal service at a nominal fee, this is currently available to buyers in South Africa, UK and USA markets.

The plat form has embarked on a massive global marketing and PR campaign, to actively bring the talent that we showcase into the homes, offices, buildings and spaces all across the world.

There is an abundance of talent out there, and it’s a reality that many artists simply do not have the means or know-how to promote themselves – especially on such a large platform.

This is the motivating factor behind the creation and existence of Artbid. “We believe that incredible art should be admired, seen and be accessible to all; as it is an integral part of society and the collective human spirit – it speaks of the times we find ourselves, makes known the current issues,  and also opens up understanding to inspire thought. It brings forth beauty and enhances the lives of many”.

The site is aimed at bringing creative minds together – a meeting place where they can interact and also be part of the artistic community – but not only this. It also links artists and art lovers alike. Buyers now have access to beautiful pieces from across the globe; works they might have never come across, had it not been so readily available.



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