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Controversial Zuma painting destroyed. Caught on video

 Controversial Zuma painting destroyed. Caught on video

Update: The Goodman Gallerie’s Security company ( Cortac security) makes a statement regarding rough security guard.

1.       Cortac (Pty) Ltd is a security service provider registered with PSIRA.****

2.       Cortac is the regular security service provider to the Goodman Gallery.****

3.       In the event that the Goodman Gallery, or any other clients, hold special events, or are faced with any specific threats, they do, from time to time request additional security services.****

4.       The role of Cortac at the Goodman Gallery, or any other client, is to protect the staff, assets, and interests of the client. ****

5.       Cortac cannot be held accountable for the views or actions of our clients.****

6.       On the morning of Tuesday, 22nd May, two suspects attacked a painting at the Goodman Gallery.****

7.       Some members of the public, assisted a Cortac security officer in detaining the two suspects.****

8.       The first suspect, having attacked the painting, passively, allowed himself to be detained.****

9.       The second suspect resisted attempts made to detain him.****

10.   The Cortac security officer, therefore used minimum force to subdue and detain the suspect.****

11.   The Cortac security officer has been charged with assault GBH, by SAPS Rosebank, arrested, and released on bail.****

12.   Cortac will, as in all cases of this nature, be conducting an internal review.****

13.   Cortac remains fully supportive of all our staff who are faced with

the task of providing protection to our clients, sometimes under difficult circumstances.****

What do you think about this reaction? Do you think the two people are justified in their actions or do you think they are just thugs? Do you also agree with the way the situation was handled by the guard?. Leave a comment…

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