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Imagine, Creative’s that are Social Media Strategists

 Imagine, Creative’s that are Social Media Strategists

I know what you’re thinking just by reading that title. The possibility of creatives being social media strategists would lead to bad spelling, self-centred comments on social networks, and many alcohol-related problems.

Yes it’s true, we are somewhat mixed-minded, but imagine the awesome possibilities one could have if they utilised their creative’s correctly. The first and most important step would be to stop selling booze at the office and detox the strangely dressed designers. Secondly, grab some soap and clean the foul mouths of the copywriters. Then, gently introduce the creative’s to the marketing department. Do this in short segments, let them sniff each other out and get acquainted.

Social media is such a new and unknown space that companies are still trying to place the Social Media Strategist position within their structure. Some companies are giving the task to junior interns, which is a terrible idea, ask Chrysler. Others push the task onto the sales team which, of course, makes your whole online campaign a gigantic sales pitch (the best way to have potential followers running in the opposite direction). Some companies have passed the torch to the client service departments; which seems to be the best idea as consumers can then be helped via their favourite social media platform. But what about the other aspects of social media marketing? What has seemed to work the best so far is to hire tech-savvy enthusiasts and marketers. They have moulded and shaped brilliant strategies that work wonders. They understand that the online world requires out-of-the-box thinking. So, why not spice it up?



Put the creative’s and marketers in one room lock the door, feed them jelly beans, and see what happens. Creative’s understand the need to entice visually using clever one-liners. There is nothing more annoying than creative receiving a vague brief from the marketing department that he/she doesn’t ‘get’.  This misinterpretation of the brief will be evident in the final output. Getting the creative involved in the strategic phase right through to final product implementation will make for interesting and successful results.  The marketer understands the consumer, he/she eats and sleeps the market, and this is vital for genuine interaction online. Combine the latter with an environment designed to make the client/reader feel they are in a unique space and you will have magic!

‘Tailor-made social experiences’ is going to be the term of the very near future. Ready-made social media strategies are not that out-of-the-box any more.  Allowing the creative to become a marketer and the marketer to become a creative will yield awesome results. And you can open the bar again.



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