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ImageBrief uses a Crowdsourcing Solution to Connect Agencies with Talented Photographers

 ImageBrief uses a Crowdsourcing Solution to Connect Agencies with Talented Photographers

Newly launched in Cape Town, ImageBrief has taken the creative industries in Sydney and London by storm, in addition to last month’s premier at the New York Photo Festival that has signalled their move into the US market. As an alternative to stock libraries, ImageBrief addresses the global demand for high quality images. Clients are able to source unique shots from an ever-increasing pool (currently 3000) of internationally recognised photographers via an innovative online marketplace. Gone are the days of scrolling through stock libraries in search of that perfect image. The concept is simple – buyers submit a brief for their image requirements along with their budget and timeframe, and the continuously growing network of photographers submit images to meet that brief.

A simple concept that works

How to find a poodle in a Haystack

“We create the situation of putting suppliers and the end users together – in this case photographers and image buyers. Our sophisticated and moderated use of crowdsourcing techniques allows creative clients the opportunity to brief photographers on their exact needs, saving them time and money,” says Meg Moss, Creative Director of ImageBrief.

“ImageBrief takes the schlep out of image searching and buying. Simply upload your brief and budget and watch fresh images flood into your light box from over 3000 local and international photographers,” adds Cindy Laufs, Account Manager for ImageBrief SA.

She goes on to explain, “The appeal of ImageBrief lies in the quality of the content, because you are not briefing a stock agency but individual photographers around the world – thus you are drawing on the creative intellect of some of the world’s best photographers. ImageBrief also makes those hard to find images easy to find. Chances are, that image you are looking for is sitting on a photographer’s hard drive and not in a traditional stock library. ImageBrief facilitates the conversation between ad agency creatives and photographers. It’s a simple concept, but it works. Stop searching. Start briefing. “

Catering to a broad range of clients across the advertising, marketing and design industries, the need for quality images has paved the way for this new model that provides greater budget control. Cape Town agencies will be able to benefit from a broad network of photographers, with a customised image sourcing solution that does not break the bank.

ImageBrief is proving a highly successful tool for both advertising agencies and photographers.

Ashleigh Hamilton, Art Buyer and Producer at Y&R Cape Town, believes that the simplicity of ImageBrief is the crucial factor in its success. “I love the simplicity of ImageBrief. After fruitless searching for an image with a tight brief, I uploaded my brief and found the image I was looking for,” says Ashleigh.

“ImageBrief is the best thing that has happened to me and photography – it offers opportunity and opens up a whole new world,” says local photographer Debra Roets.

Goodbye Image Banks, Hello Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is by no means a new concept, but in the world of stock libraries this concept is still underutilised. ImageBrief has proven that they are not afraid to take a different approach to provide clients with a cost-effective and high quality solution for image purchases.

The launch into the South African market and the fast adoption by creatives across the globe shows yet again that when it comes to innovation, giving clients exactly what they need will always deliver results.

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