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Travelling photographer & Founder of ‘Swimming Upstream’ shows us her latest work

 Travelling photographer & Founder of ‘Swimming Upstream’ shows us her latest work

Welcome back to SA Creatives Kathalijne. We see youve been busy and updated your site. What can the readers expect?
I updated all the different sections of the website but most notably the portrait and travel sections with work that I shot in South Africa as well as the Netherlands, Namibia and France. The color palette in the travel photos has started to change a bit which I think is due to my mood and search for where I want to go with my photography. Lately, I find myself gravitating towards black & white photography which is also where I first started.

As far as the portraits go, I try to push myself to do things I have never done before and I hope I succeeded.


Andrew James & the Steady Tiger


Who have you worked with? 
I recently worked with Andrew James & the Steady Tiger and musician Meri Kenaz. I met Meri about two years ago and asked if I could take her portrait one day, but our schedules were always so different so we only got to do it now. We shot over two days and it was a wonderful experience; she climbed trees, we tied her and her instruments to a tree, and she stood in scorched yet muddy earth. I also had the opportunity to photograph Andrew James which I was very excited about as I have been a fan of their music for a while. I was so happy when they agreed to do the shoot, and like Meri, they were up for anything. I also had the opportunity to work with American drummer Jamal Thomas and his band. Jamal was the drummer for Maceo Parker for a long time and he now fronts his own 7 piece band which is based in The Netherlands. I love shooting bands, and I find the diversity of these shoots and the energy they bring a very cool thing to work off of.

I have also been doing a few private shoots like family portraits and even a wedding as well as some corporate shoots. I am definitely trying to keep busy and learn as much as I can.


Meri Kenaz


You completed a masterclass with Jodi Beiber. Tell us more?
The masterclass was pretty amazing and inspiring for me. I had never done anything like that before as I never formally studied photography and it is something I would definitely do again.

It was a three day masterclass taught at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, with 16 other photographers attending. We got one portrait assignment which was critiqued in class the very next day, the rest of the time was spent presenting our projects. I learned a lot about my own project (on South African emerging artists called ‘Swimming Upstream‘), about the importance of editing well and presenting. I also learned a lot, perhaps indirectly, from the others. To see how they go about their projects, to learn about their backgrounds and inspirations was very valuable. And naturally, Jodi is a great mentor. She is bright and very sharp, not to mention incredibly talented. Her critiques are very honest and direct, she’ll also notice the tiniest things which will help you progress. I am very happy I had the opportunity to do this and am super keen to attend another masterclass in the near future.




Youve been featured in the Dutch photography magazine, SHUTR. how did that come about?
SHUTR is a relatively new Dutch photography quarterly and I’ve been following them from the start. What I like about the magazine is that they give a broader range of photographers a chance to showcase their work. And the lay-out is clean, providing lots of space for the art work. I simply submitted some work to the editor, and got a response a day later saying that they liked it and would like to feature it. They decided to interview me as well which was done via Skype a little while later. They ended up showing 8 full page photographs together with the interview, which I am naturally very happy with.

What advice would you give to young South African creatives looking to do what you do.?
My advice would be to get out there and do it. Push that button and take that photograph. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t because you can. You just need to stick to it and work hard, and have tons of fun while doing it.

Where can our readers find your work?



Lauren Fowler


Ou Kaap se Weg






Jamal Thomas Band




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