Trio collective portraying Africa to the world, the way they see it. #photography





What is ‘I see a different you’ , where are you based and what do you do, who’s involved?
“I See A Different You” is a Trio collective (Innocent Mukheli, Vuyo Mpantsha and Justice Mukheli) from Soweto portraying Africa to the world, the way they see it.



Your photography is very much linked with fashion and urban culture.  What is the idea behind this?
Our fashion influence comes from our grandparent’s photo albums in their youth. To make the outfits our own we added a touch of urban which best depicts our different personalities. We personally believe that each photograph should tell a story whether a childhood memory or simple everyday moments.



Your bio says ” A trio collective from Soweto, portraying South Africa as they see it.”. So far, how do you see it?
The way it is, Beautiful! And the next step is to capture the beauty of Africa as a whole, the next next step is to capture the whole world.



What is you final goal with your project?
It’s to portray the beauty of the world the way we see it.



What advice would you give to young South African creatives looking to do what you do?
Never lose your Faith.

Where can our readers find your work ?







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