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A creative movement making waves in Joburg- Chat with The Next Movement


Who is Boni Kula and what is the next movement?
Boni- Kula is a company I started at the beginning of 2012 and it exists solely as a vehicle to make art happen. Be it short films, video’s, photo’s etc, it’s an extension of my art. The Next Movement is a group  I started so that we could get together once a month and do some cool shoots. So  basically the idea behind the group was to get together and shoot good quality work and help each other do the kind of work we would like to get employment for. We are based mainly in Joburg with a good bus load in Pretoria, a few in Cape Town and a sister group in America.

What was the motivation for creating this creative group?
The knowledge that Africa has some of the most talented individuals is motivation enough.

Tell us about the type of creatives you have in the group?
Well it started with some photographer’s and some model’s (I think all people are model’s). Then some makeup artists and stylists joined us. Then an animator, a sports show crew, some street artists, a hip hop crew, some suits, some film people that  we haven’t had a chance use  yet. The group is made up of a diverse bunch of people from a mathematician to a psychologist who sometime’s becomes a model.  I think thats what makes the group so cool, the fact that we can all get together and gel for the sake of art.

Tell us about the shoot you guys did on the 18th August?
The last shoot we did was a recreation of movie poster cover’s we love. I’m not sure about the legalities of it all, but what we got from it as a group is the sense that anything is possible. And if the group continue’s in this direction, I foresee big things in the future.



What does the future hold for The Next Movement and what are you currently working on?
Well we are hoping to reach 1000 members by October, which is a simple goal, but what makes it cool is that the group is a secret group where you have to be added by an existing member. So that means the group works as a search engine for talent and likeminded individuals. The big media schools in the country have no more than 400 students in them; we sit at over 200members right now so we are confident of reaching our targets. . Then we can take the group public and hopefully entertain the world with art that has no limits.


What inspires you as a creative individual?
The beauty that I see all around me. The search for people who appreciate what I’m trying to push. The love of creating something that moves’s people. The fear of a 9-5pm job that is repetitive and structured so much so that I can see my future all laid out all the way to my grave. The understanding, that how we view ourselves as a people is too important a gift to allow others to tell our stories.

Where can people view your work or join the group?
Please inbox any of your requests to join the Next Movement on our Facebook page and we will add you if you are hug worthy. Much love people, Let Art Rule.


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