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Adams & Adams salutes the spirit of South Africa’s Young Creatives

 Adams & Adams salutes the spirit of South Africa’s Young Creatives

It’s common knowledge that companies which crush creativity can no longer compete with those who champion the art of ingenuity.

South Africa’s leading Intellectual Property Law experts Adams & Adams, sponsors of this year’s Adams & Adams Young Creatives Award at the annual Loeries, is all too cognisant of the role creativity plays in a business’ success.  Equally so, it is dedicated to protecting the originality of the individual who is behind the creative process.

Mariette du Plessis, senior partner at Adams & Adams has strong feelings about creatives and their ability to achieve, protect their work and the financial potential thereof. “If you consider the creative effort that goes into a new design, it is important to make every effort to protect it” says du Plessis.

“Often in the all-consuming process of crafting an ingenious work, the financial or business aspect may be the furthest thing from a creative’s mind.  And it should be intrinsic to the process – without sacrificing creative integrity. It should also help to build security, and stability, and ability to support inspired work,” says du Plessis. “Adams & Adams is here to assist them through the process, be it a logo, pay-off line, film, photograph, illustration, a packaging or interior design or something else associated with creating a product in the brand communication arena, in whatever form.”

But du Plessis says more than that the firm applauds how our young creatives abandon the ordinary and usual and approach their work in ways that are quite unlike the conventional approach which is the way most of us run our businesses.
“We’re all born creative.  Everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten.  But what happens then?” says du Plessis.
The world’s greatest creative heroes approach their work with humour and playfulness.  Abandoning ‘tunnel vision’, these geniuses meet each challenge with an open mind.  “And our young creatives work much like they do,” says du Plessis.
“They hold on to their crayons with a steely fist and set out to explore the talent they have been given.  They take risks, may make a mistake or two along the way, but the common thread which endures is the bravery, playfulness, passion and energy with which they embrace their craft.”

“It is this energy which breathes life into a business and its perception in the market place – and of course its ultimate success.  Adams & Adams is determined to ensure that South African creatives never lose their crayons.”
The Adams & Adams Young Creatives Award recognises outstanding achievement by talented individuals (27 years or younger) who are at the beginning of their careers, working in the brand communications industry.  The two award winners will receive a trip to Cannes

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