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Chat with experimental Zimbabwean designer: Batsirai Madzonga

 Chat with  experimental Zimbabwean designer: Batsirai Madzonga

Who is Batsirai Madzonga what do you do and where are you based?

I am a designer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I enjoy designing brands that speak to the consumer and reach out to induce a loyalty that will stem generations. That’s my nirvana. I have been designing from inception, walking along the never ending path to design perfection. I endeavour to get as close to it as humanly possible through practice and learning.

How would you define your creative style?
Varied and limitless: I love to experiment with different styles.

Tell us about Blue Republic Artesian Water project?
Established in 2009, the “250ml Blue Republic Artesian Water” project brings innovation and style together to form a product like no other.



*The Design Explained:
Past the obvious, the orb is representative of the global community as well as the shape of the earth. The silver dome lid is an abstract take on the earth’s  polar ice caps and it serves as a reminder of the threat of global warming.
The logo and brand on the bottle pledges our total commitment to supporting efforts aimed at protecting our beautiful planet and its inhabitants. “Offering our shield in service to the planet”.
You can check it out on, and



What are you currently working on and what’s in store?
I am currently based at In Creation Design and I’m working on several projects. We have already set up an office in South Africa and we have plans to expand regionally.

What advice would you give to young South African creatives looking to do what you do?
I believe the best way to become an amazing designer is to gain exposure. Find out how people are plying the design trade in Europe, Asia, USA etc. and follow the trends.

Where can our readers find your work?





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