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Illustration pieces by Justin Southey and Bruce Mackay

 Illustration pieces by Justin Southey and Bruce Mackay

Today we are sharing with you some recent work by artists from Zulus Can Draw &

Both pieces by Justin Southey and Bruce Mackay are for the Adformatie in the Netherlands curated by Dolly Rogers &

Like the piece Elise did previously was a take on the artists view on the advertising industry.

Justin’s piece titled “From A to B, creatively”

“In the advertising world everyone has it’s role. A good salesman can sell you anything. But only the imagination of a good creative can take you on an emotional ride to a world you could never imagine. A great salesman can make you want it. A great creative can make you love it.

Bruces piece titled “Creative Sweatshop”

“If you take a look around, it is amazing the amount of advertising that is out there. It seems many advertising agencies have become advertising factories. Churning out ads after ads at an incredible speed. But that is not to say they’re all effective or creative. Is your agency producing quality or quantity?”


Bruces  “Creative Sweatshop”


Justin’s  “From A to B, creatively”


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