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The Extraordinary Illustrations by Kurt a.k.a (effect14)

 The Extraordinary Illustrations by Kurt a.k.a (effect14)

Who is Kurt Daley what do you do and where are you based?
Well I’m Kurt a.k.a (effect14) from the beautiful city of Cape Town and I’m currently still a student, studying my 3rd year of graphic design at Cape Peninsula University Of Technology. Im a mix between creative and skateboarder, you know those urban culture looking guys with the beard and the coffee. Sitting in the park drawing birds , influenced by the world around me. Skateboarding, conspiracy theories about aliens (they do exist! no really they do) and all things design orientated. But just another person finding his place in life I guess.


How would you define your creative style?
Vector based illustration! Thats me! That’s what I love, the clean lines, the feel digital work has, the ability to CTRL+Z when you make a mistake and just the many options you have when it comes to digital illustration. But Im an illustrator by heart, so i try to do a bit of everything, I really love screen printing as well but my studies are currently hampering my in depth movement into other fields of design. My style varies depending on inspiration and project, sometimes its intricate work with many details and sometimes it’s just a 3 color illustration. I also love mixing typography with illustration and using dull colors, i think the mixture is soothing yet playful and actually very appealing , well for me at least. But I’m currently still perfecting who I am as an illustrator.

Tell us about the Food Chain Poster Series .
I really like creating stories with my illustrations, not giving everything away and letting people add their own opinion to the design, i think that’s what makes design exciting. I normally work in a series of 2-3 designs, playing on some or other quirky idea that sparked some interest that i thought would go well as an illustration. This project was a series of posters called the Food Chain, looking at my version, through illustrations of a pecking order, starting with a single piece of cheese. I tried to use 3 colors only and a circle in the illustration as a window, telling the story of the food chain!. This project was basically me messing around trying to hone my conceptual skills and trying to put in some extra portfolio work for my final year exhibit. It can be found on my Behance page under Food Chain Series.

What are you currently  working on and whats in the future ?
At the moment most of my time is being taken up by tech work,  so there is little time for doing anything else, but i am working on a couple of illustrations called My Culture Through Illustration. Which is a series of illustration/type posters that basically illustrates funny things I hear and see during my day to day living, be it something stupid the man at the robots said, or something funny my friends or family say that i think would make a good illustration and something that people can relate to. This is a small snippet of one of said illustrations called Leker Gatsby, its something funny a friend said while we where chowing down on our occasional lunch time session of gatsby that i thought would do well as an illustration. Please see example below:

What advice would you give to young South African creatives looking to do what you do.?
Well since i am still a young South African creative myself, i’d say just follow your passion and do what you love doing, that passion will lead to people noticing you and never be shy to talk to new people and make new friends . Do things that are out of your comfort zone, I know creatives like to be introverts but this business is a lot about who you know, so go out to that gallery exhibition down the road , you never know where it might lead you. And always keep working at it and be proud of your work. You might think your work doesn’t make the grade but others might think its the best thing since  that painting with an exposed Zuma. And stay in school and don’t do drugs like the good role models normally say.

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