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A chat with Hosana Mthembi

 A chat with Hosana Mthembi

Today at SA Creatives we chat to Hosana Mthembi, a self proclaimed lover and fighter for great creative ideas.

Who is Hosana Mthembi, what do you do and where are you based?

I’m a Digital Designer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I studied graphic design and started my career in print production then I moved on to digital and have been doing it ever since. I’m a lover and a fighter for great creative ideas.

An admirer of art that evokes emotion and ignites a conversation.

I believe in order to be a great creative one has to be a storyteller. A storyteller that can arrest the audience’s imagination when given the chance.

How would you define your creative style?

Organic, colorful, built from a slice of life approach and fluid.

I love to explore a variety of styles that are influenced by the music I listen to, the books I read and the movies I watch. In the core of my style I try to get creative about how I affect the people who view my work.

What are you currently working on and what’s in the future?

I’m constantly brainstorming new stories and subject matters to work on. Also looking to collaborate with other artists from different disciplines. Projects that are on my plate at the moment are the Iconic sequel, which I hope to release next year September. I will be expanding on the big idea to showcase more interpretations of what Iconic is. I have a couple of short stories in development, which I hope to start shooting early next year. Also designing mobile apps proactively and I paint when I can.

What inspires you?

For me it’s my history and heritage. It’s demanding the best results out of very piece I work on. It’s the encouragement I get from my family. It’s challenging myself to be able to overcome my fears. It’s hearing the right words at the right time. It’s inspiring others. It’s the question “how did you do that?”

What advice would you give to young South African creatives looking to do what you do?

Get into it with both feet or you will not see the value in it. The noise in your head is there for a reason. Its ideas forming, respect them and it will all start to come together. In regards to skills development, you must never stop learning. Gaining experience is when you can say “no, that won’t work because I’ve tried it already “. Lastly don’t be afraid to ask, WHAT’S NEXT?


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