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Jaco Burger, a designer and partner at Die Ateljee will be heading off to Cannes following his win of the coveted Adams & Adams Young Creative Loeries Award.

“My entry was a collection of work done mostly for cultural institutions; MoDILA (Museum of Design, Innovation, Leadership & Art), Wits Art Museum, UIA & SAIA Durban 2014 Architectural Conference, and an artist’s book that I did in collaboration with Richard Strydom. The corporate work was done for Movitel and the identity and packaging design for Bliss Chemicals. I also designed a bespoke typeface for our studio, Ateljee.”

“The body of work consisted of pure design, whether it was an identity, logo or a tailored typeface. I think it emphasised the important role of well conceptualized and crafted design in the creative industry. I believe it also shows that design must follow the function for which it is created. One should not be afraid to strip the design of any visual clutter – if it will enhance the concept of a specific design project. The same goes for something that needs an elaborate visual solution in order to convey the message it was created for.”

He is also of the opinion that the crafting of designs has become more significant, as the design industry becomes progressively competitive, Winning two Pendoring awards (gold for digital and silver for a campaign) and best visual artwork at the 2010 Wordfees for an artist’s book he did in collaboration with Richard Strydom.

He also takes the viewer or reader into account before he begins to craft his work. From the outset, he sets out to establish what emotion it is that he wants the viewer or reader to experience.
“Whether it’s happiness, remembrance or disorientation, and I think I am fairly successful in doing so. This helps to cement the work into people’s memories, and that is ultimately what a logo or any design collateral should do,” Jaco says.

According to Jaco his inspiration comes from a lot of other creative fields such as photography, product- and industrial design, architecture and art. Most of these he says trigger an emotive impulse that resonates with what he is working on and gives him other concepts to solve problems.

“I find a lot of inspiration from Paul Rand’s methodology and his way of looking at logos. He created some of the most iconic logos that are still relevant 30+ years after their creation. Other sources of inspiration are the writings of Dutch-based design and research studio, Metahaven and the best-use-of-a-set-style studio; Experimental Jetset. I also follow the work of Swiss-based Norm and their typefaces.”

Mariette du Plessis, senior partner at Adams & Adams says that it is wonderful that so much recognition is being given to the category of design. Graphic and packaging designs could be the subject of many forms of intellectual property protection, including trade mark (brand) and design registrations, as well as copyright. The Loerie Awards, and specifically the Adams & Adams Young Creatives Award provide a wonderful springboard for talented young designers like Jaco. Mariette says that Adams & Adams hopes to raise awareness of the many aspects of designs and intellectual property that can be protected. Young designers often freelance and do not realise what works can be protected and when they can retain ownership of the copyright in their designs. Adams & Adams remains committed to the local creative industry and demonstrated its support by using young creatives as far as possible. We used a previous Young Creatives Award winner, Mbuso Ndlovu to design an advertisement for Migrate magazine in 2011. This year, the firm has used another young designer, Atang Tshikare, a former Design Indaba Emerging Creative, to design an advertisement for the upcoming edition of the Migrate magazine. “I find it incredibly interesting to interact with young creatives and advise them on the protection of their creations”, says Mariette.

And what of Adams & Adams sponsorship of the Young Creatives Award? ”I think it’s brilliant! I heard of Adams & Adams when I first attended the Loeries last years, and thought it was excellent that there was a company out there that protects intellectual property and wants to ensure the financial security of creatives”, says Jaco. “I don’t think we always know where to start when we’re faced with something like protecting their ideas and concepts. Adams & Adams, as an important sponsor at the Loerie awards, creates awareness amongst creatives in all fields that they will take care of this aspect of creativity as a business”.

Going forward Jaco hopes that other agencies will view him and studio Die Ateljee partner – as designers with a strong believe in the design solution of a project settled in solid research in order to create a visual piece in conversation with its purpose.

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