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“Nausea, disorientation, trouble breathing and an elevated heart rate are all the things I associate with issues as complex as establishing how best to protect ideas, or whether or not I have ideas that need protecting.  In an industry caught up in ideas and creative, at times protecting intellectual property can be the last thing on your list.  I think the fact that Adams & Adams has taken the initiative to sponsor new generations of creative is invaluable.  Not only are they supporting up-and-coming creatives but they also give us an incredible insight as to how to go about protecting your work.”  Wise words from Adams & Adams Loeries 2012 Young Creative Winner, Jared Osmond, copywriter for Network BBDO, and winner of over 26 local and global awards.  As part of his award Jared will be heading off to Cannes next year.

“Adams & Adams are immensely proud to sponsor the Young Creatives Award.  At the outset of our relationship with the Loeries two years ago our goal has been to nurture and protect outstanding up-and-coming talent.  It is a delight to see young creatives produce work that is on par with global trends.  As the leading Intellectual Property firm in the southern hemisphere, the awards resonate with the passion for excellence which drives the Young Creatives Award”, says Mariette du Plessis, senior partner at Adams & Adams and the driving force behind the Young Creatives endeavour.

Du Plessis says Jared’s concerns are common.  Often artists are swept away by the creative process, and neglect to protect their efforts or to address copyright ownership.  In the end though, it is safeguarding the sustainability of their income which becomes an imperative.

“Adams & Adams has a team of experts standing by who are able to assist creatives with the process of intellectual property protection.  Whether it is a jingle, pay-off line, music film, photography, typeface, or graphic design, our specialists are committed to working with anyone involved in the world of advertising, or for that matter any other creative endeavour.  At the end of the day, we want to safeguard their hard work against unscrupulous individuals who make their living by copying the intellectual property of others.”

Du Plessis adds that the firm’s endeavours have extended to workshops with students at Vega, TUT, AAA and University of Pretoria which are aimed at educating people who will be entering the competitive world of advertising.  “It is our aim to equip students with the right tools before they set off in their various areas of expertise.  “Jared’s portfolio of work entered into the Young Creatives Awards is the culmination of four years of hard work aimed at creating the very best and inspired campaigns in the industry, and we would like to assist him with protecting his efforts going forward.”

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