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AAA School of Advertising recruitment drive accommodates new students until Jan 2013


Over its 26 years as the advertising industry’s source of talent, the AAA School of Advertising report that despite the demand for young talented creative minds, not many people know about a career in advertising. This is the time of year renowned for parents and matriculants being distressed about university entrance and matric results, over-demand at universities and being able to ensure that by the beginning of December, they have cemented the most suitable tuition road map for 2013 and beyond.



To assist in alleviating this stress, educating the public about the various careers available in advertising as well as to shift the focus to private college course options, the AAA School of Advertising has extended its 2013 application dates right up until as late as 21 January 2013. The majority of tertiary educational institutions close their applications by the end of September for 2013, leaving parents and matriculants in an undesirable scenario.

Dr Ludi Koekemoer, MD and principal of the school explains, “It is imperative for us to spread the word to matriculants and their parents that there are alternative higher education options open to those who may have missed the university application.

“We want to tell talented youngsters to seriously consider a career in advertising as through affiliation with the AAA and its owning body the ACA (Association for Communication and Advertising); graduates are most likely to be guaranteed a job in the exciting world of advertising, based on the demand for young, and especially black creative thinkers.”

“We urge matriculants to not panic – with the AAA there is still time available to apply and a plethora of creative and marketing qualifications through which to carve a successful career in advertising. The advertising profession eagerly seeks qualified, talented young individuals to join the profession. The worst possible position to be in is to have completed a university qualification and not be able to find a job. We need new blood in advertising – the demand is unbelievable. We urge matriculants and parents to get in touch with us to discuss the various courses and job options available.”

To kick-start a career in advertising, design or marketing, AAA School of Advertising offers degrees and diplomas with specialisations in Graphic Design, Copywriting, Art Direction, Account Management, Brand Management and Media Management.

For further information about the courses or registration, contact Trudie (Creative) or Charmaine (Marketing) on (011) 781-2772 or visit  and


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