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Apartheid in SA Graphic Design, what say you?

 Apartheid in SA Graphic Design, what say you?

Soweto based graphic designer, Reggie Legoale, shares some controversial insights on the state of SA creativity, in a digital publication he will be launching soon.  His points may be rough on the palette for some and true for others. Take some time and read through the introduction of this project and let us know if you agree or not.

In the words of Reggie Legoale:
The titled eBook “Apartheid in Graphic Design” is an epitome of white supremacy in a Democratic South Africa. Precisely in the design and advertising industry.  The Orthodox Black and White only signage is not experienced in Design and Advertising Agencies except at the Apartheid Museum, however, this does not assert that the discrimination and the patronizing against the black creative is non existent. Down with patronizing! It is painful, demotivating and insulting to watch and listen to people on other media platforms, who you pitched an idea to, speak about their achievements on account of your original work or getting a big “NO” and getting a phone hung up in your ear.

My motivation of this book is to challenge the status quo. I concur with Steven Biko’s words who assert that “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”.  If you consider yourself a “Creative” or “Creative Director” and yet you sing my song, I personally believe that you are as good as dead.

Without giving too much away the eBook features an electronic dialogue with the prospects following our boardroom meetings, case studies and some illustrations which are published both online and in Magazines like the Design Indaba and Itch to name a few. I look forward to an exclusive interview soon with SA Creatives which will also be featured in the book.

In the interest of the reader I firmly believe in the ideas herein and hope that they will ignite a spark of authentic African Creativity.

The eBook will be available as a downloadable purchase and I will keep you posted with latest updates via SA Creatives


What say you? Is there apartheid in creativity in South Africa? Do you agree with Reggie’s insights?

*Please note that the opinions in this article are not of SA Creatives. Like any democracy we want to hear what creatives have to say, so speak up.


















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