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Holi One Colour Festival

 Holi One Colour Festival

Today we chat to Brian Little, MD of Seed Experience  who is the project manager behind Holi One Colour Festival taking place this year.

What was the inspiration behind launching Holi One Colour festival in South Africa?

Colour Festivals have been hugely successful all over the world. Images and videos from these went viral in South Africa which introduced people to the idea, sparked our curiosity, and got us very excited about the concept of a Holi festival in South Africa.

For those who don’t know, what is Holi One Colour festival?

The Holi festival originated in India, where people come together to celebrate ‘new life’ by throwing coloured powder into the air (and on each other), while running through the city streets. It is a day set aside for self-expression and of unity. Although the Indian festival is a religious occasion, the HOLI ONE in South Africa does not have any religious affiliations whatsoever. That said, we do strongly share in the values of the festival as a day of music, celebration and togetherness and are inspired by these. The HOLI ONE will also be in designated festival venues within each city – Grand Parade in Cape Town, and Emmarentia Dam in Joburg.

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Will there be a South African twist to the festival?

Yes – this will be present through the decor, music, venues and the people themselves.

Will this be an annual event?

We are anticipating that the first HOLI ONE will be a hugely successful one, and aim to see it as a highlight on the South African calendar every year.


Tell us a little more about this year’s theme “we are all one”?

The theme is directly inspired by the original Holi Festival, which brings people together through music, dancing and the throwing of coloured powder. Through these light-hearted interactions people are naturally more inclined to socialise and connect with each other, creating a sense of unity expressed by the theme “We Are All One”

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