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Riyahd Cassiem Co Founder of Eight Bit Octopus

 Riyahd Cassiem Co Founder of Eight Bit Octopus

Today we chat with Riyahd Cassiem, creative director co founder of Eight Bit Octopus, a true visionary!

Who is Riyahd Cassiem and what do you do?

I am Creative Director and co founder of Eight Bit Octopus, a visual arts company based in Johannesburg South Africa started in 2010 with a few colleagues from the industry.  i work as a digital artist doing visual effects, Mattpainting,motion graphics, 3d illustration and concept art. I use a mixture of 2d and 3d techniques to create concepts that visualize  ideas using programs such as Zbrush and Photoshop.

How would you define your style or art

I am continuously evolving as i experiment with different subjects and  mediums. I use a mixture of digital sculpting and painting to visualise ideas, I enhance my 3d renders using digital painting techniques by adding light,  shadow, texture, and colour bring my life and atmosphere to the render.I like to work within the science fiction and fantasy genres and enjoy doing concept design from creatures to robots to landscapes and  figurative  artworks.

 What inspires your work?

My inspiration draws from science fiction and fantasy i was exposed to when  i was young,  films like Aliens, Predator, Star Wars, Terminator,Bladerunnner, Anime films Akira, Princess Mononke and Ghost in the shell, all still influence me to this day. Just a few  Artists that inspire me  H R Giger, Frank Frezetta and Ashley Wood.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on various projects for clients locally and internationally as well as some internal studio projects. I am also working on getting an exhibition going encompassing all my concept art to date .

 What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

It takes hard work and dedication towards your craft, to get somewhere in  this industry .Its also important to network and market yourself  consistently. Having a solid foundation in drawing from life and good understanding of anatomy and movement of the human figure also how light effects shape and shadow really does help.  Taking interests in subjects like nature, biology, science and technology can improve your craft with better understanding of various subjects outside of your industry.  This industry does require you to have a thick skin and being able to learn from mistakes and most of all practice practice.

 Where can our readers follow your work?

RIYAHD CASSIEM Co-founder,Creative Director

WWW.8BO.ORG | RIYAHD@8BO.ORG | 073 3331574






















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