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6 Steps to Winning a Loerie

 6 Steps to Winning a Loerie

It’s May, which means that the Loeries deadline of May 31 is looming. This means you need to focus on finalizing those entries.

Our standards are high, and we’re proud of that. Winning a Loerie isn’t easy – but great work can get missed if it’s not presented well.

To make your lives easier, we compiled the key points from last week’s DMMA seminar on how to prepare a Loeries entry

that stands out and demonstrates how the work fulfils our three key judging criteria

1. Innovation (is it fresh? Is it groundbreaking?)

2. Execution (is it well-executed? Is it beautifully crafted?)

3. Relevance (is it relevant to the brand, the market and the medium?)

Graham Warsop (Executive Chairman, Jupiter Drawing Room), Tony Koenderman (associate editor, Finweek), Rob McLennan (Executive Creative Director, King James2), Frank Luckin (Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Johannesburg), Festus Masekwameng (Executive Creative Director, Mojo MotherRussia), Conn Bertish (Executive Creative Director, Quirk Cape Town) and Andrew Human (CEO, Loeries) all offered tips at the “How to win a trophy” workshop held by the DMMA on April 25, and we’ve summarized them for you here:

1. Start with a great idea. No matter how well your entry is presented, if the idea isn’t strong, the judges will see through it.

2. Keep it simple. Focus on the core message – what was great, why it’s relevant and how you did it.

3. Don’t create work with the sole purpose of winning an award. It needs to be relevant and have purpose. The judges will see through an Integrated Campaign for Joe’s Chip Shop.

4. Study the categories and know where to enter. Familiarise yourself with previous winners by studying the Loeries Archive and visiting the Travelling Exhibition.

Understand the rules and where separate elements of your campaign can be entered.

5. A bad presentation could lose you an award. The Loeries judges are looking at a lot of work. If your presentation makes it difficult for them to see why your campaign is innovative, well-executed and relevant, it won’t win.

6. Make your stats relevant. Many presentations offer laundry lists of Facebook likes and increased sales as evidence that the campaign was relevant to the brand and the market. But stats need a context to make sense. Pin them to something the judges can relate to. Again, don’t ask the judges to work hard to figure out what makes your campaign worthy of winning.

In summary, your entry needs to demonstrate that the work is worthy of a Loerie. Produce outstanding work, and present it well, and you’ll add more birds to your trophy cabinet.

All entry information, categories, guidelines and preparation instructions are available at Late entries will be subject to a 10% penalty fee.

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