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Awesome Graphic Designs By Phethego Kgomo

 Awesome Graphic Designs By Phethego Kgomo

Today we chat with super talented Phethego Kgomo and he showcases some of his awesome work. Happy Friday!

Who is Phethego Kgomo and what do you do?  

Phethego Kgomo (name meaning ‘a wish that’s been granted’) is an extremely curious and multitalented Industrial Engineer. A self taught graphic architect , who experiments with science, psychology ideals and visual communications to create and add value to human systems. I taught myself how to draw since the age of 9. In between engineering and graphic works, I continually strive to improve my mind and its application by getting involved in activities that yield positive impacts on profits at minimal resource utility and add value to peoples lives. If I’m not engineering continual improvement, doing voice overs, mountain biking, swimming or creating opportunities for others through graphics, I’m researching and developing useful ideas for social and economic feasibilities and sharing them through illustrated messages.

How would you define your style or art?

My style is continually evolving but revolves around one specific formula, that I created to have a unique footprint. This style falls under what I’ve deemed ‘The Dangerous Times’. Which is a subset of the creative graphic prototyping forum called Dangerous Darky. With the principle of ‘the formula’, this style evolves with every artwork created based on the custom output required. So the style is a more unlimited approach, but the conception is formulized in a specific way. The dangerously secret way.

What inspires your work?

I think in pictures and I love technology. The prospect of technology and visual communications being so robust in Southern Africa and connecting the world to a point where its application becomes simplified to a end, that most people understand how to research and develop ways of improving their own and other peoples’ lives through organized activities. I’ve never studied graphics or visual comms but always had a passion for it. So I use my natural talent to discover and create amazing things for everyday people, through research and development. As I continue to do more quality for people, the more demand there is for my specific output. Thus by continually delivering for everyday people and their passions as inspiration, I’ve potentially opened a specific market for my talent by using a minimal & technological resources. *which in turn is a value adding experiment towards the bigger picture within the research and development scope towards achieving value chains though simple technology & visual communications for people*
What are you currently working on?

Dangerous Darky, runs The Dangerous times forum, which hosts a series of creative projects such as:

Music Novels                                     –              Illustrated Audio made into mini novels

The Dangerous Times                    –              Online publicized graphic bio’s of everyday people, relative to  the legacy   they building in their lives

Dangerous Comics                                   –          Comic strips with an educational message. Aimed at educating youths about being the change they want to see  by humour and idioms

No Beggars in the bundu                        –              A small graphic booklet to be self funded and published to most Gauteng based homeless and   begging. With attempts to inspire them to eleviate themselves from poverty and the street life.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

There are no jobs for creative people. We walk in, analyse, connect the dots and create. What we do is what we love. Copying is a waste of time, but don’t mistake learning for copying, because all the styles in the world have already been discovered and are available in the living library in front of your eyes. The question is what valuable impact is your art or creativity going to have on you and the world around you. We are the difference. Be different and make an useful impact. Your legacy depends on it. These are the dangerous times.

Where can our readers follow your work?



Twitter:                                @dangerousdarky

Deviant art:        @bullfit1

Life's a journey through colour_the dangerous times

Deep Space House 9


4 Seasons jAZZ_the Dangerous times - (Compressed)


Phethego's Graphic Maze




Throw a Peach_the Dangerous times


Sun Wukong_Phethego_Dangerous Darky

To blossom eternal




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