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Illustrator and AAA School of advertising graduate John Nandjembo shares his work with us

 Illustrator and AAA School of advertising graduate John Nandjembo shares his work with us

Today we have a chat with John Nandjembo about his work and passion.

Who is John Nandjembo and what do you do?

Im  a Designer/Art director, Illustrator, music fan and new graduate from AAA school of advertising Cape Town. After leaving Cape Town last year I started working at Advantage Y&R in Windheok Namibia as a Junior Designer/Art director.


 How would you define your style or art?

My style is visually appealing and sometimes humorous, i also have an interest in creating work that would serve as fun  solutions.


What inspires your work?

My inspirations usually come from the things i face on a daily basis. I take with my phone with me almost everywhere, I could be walking on the street and see something I like then I will snap it or write a note on my phone. I also get inspiration from creative blogs, websites, magazines, films etc.

What are you currently working on?

im busy working on a project for Colgate. Im not too sure if Im allowed to discuss it in detail.

illustration conference poster a2

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

They must simply play more, they must challenge themselves by exploring a different media or style that they haven’t played with yet, this would help them to discover their strongest creative points, they must also keep up to date with the latest things happening in the creative community by checking creative websites, blogs and attending exhibitions, awards, festivals and creative events such as Design Indaba. but most of all they must believe that they can make it.

young and owning it

 Where can our readers follow your work?

they can follow me on twitter @JohnNandjembo or on my website:

i love typography


my 3 posters

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