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Renowned Photographer Zil Raubach Shares His Work With Us

 Renowned Photographer Zil Raubach Shares His Work With Us

Happy Monday Creatives! Today Mr Zil Raubach shares some of his work with us together with a great interview. Enjoy!

Who is Zil Raubach and what do you do?

Specialising in Event, Portrait, News, beauty and editorial photography we ensure that you get what you pay for and more besides. What other “photographers” charge for is normally included as standard in our rates.

So if you are looking for great service, great quality and great value for money, give us a call and be pleasantly surprised. Unlike other studios, who offer you a “free” sitting and then try and sell you packages at prices that make a Porsche look cheap, our all inclusive sitting fees ensure that there will be no surprises after your sitting and you know upfront what the cost will be and what you will get. We operate from our home-based studio which is situated in Beacon Bay, East London Please note that we are not a walk-in studio and that all our portrait and glamour sittings are by pre-arranged appointment only. I also undertake other types of work, but it’s best to call me first and describe the job. I’ll let you know if I am able to assist you with your needs.

Conferences, cocktail parties, lectures, graduation ceremonies, parties, etc. Weddings –  I do offer on a very selective basis, that is both traditional and  church type.

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 How would you define your style or art?

As I have been a creative professional for almost 30 years, held jobs as creative director in agencies, been a press and wire photographer, shoot weddings added to which I was an commercial illustrator in Johannesburg – the best answer would be ‘eclectic’ I was taught a brilliant group of people that blurred the line between fine art, commercial and let me play with mixed media.

What inspires your work?

History, current events and a couple people in the industry current and past. I am an avid reader and experiment all the time. I love analogue illustration processes and am learning to apply or rather integrate digital and analogue. I am comfortable using herbal tea, coffee, household PVA, ink, dyes to tint my work, I often use potassium dichromate images as basis for more technical challenging processes. I still use film and shoot with a Mamiya RB67, Leica M4.

Bazil Raubach © 2009

What are you currently working on?

An photographic exhibition dealing with my alternative photographic techniques and analogue processes. Editing a couple of weddings and just completed 10 days at the Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

• Take advantage of study opportunities, pick your lecturers brain and question everything – no-one is an expert, enjoy the process more than the destination.

• Never take play out of the processes. That is how you get bored and lose interest.

• Collaborate with experienced creatives and the only partnerships you should enter in, should end at your two arms – never stand surety for anyone, give someone money if you  can afford to, lending money and equipment never ends well.

• When people start limiting your process with RULES or saying this is the only ONE way to do anything, remember that says more about them them than about yourself.

• Never limit your progress with other peoples limitations.

• Play, explore and remember a machine can never make a creative decision.

• Make mistakes, that’s how you learn.


Where can our readers follow your work?

Saachi gallery in London (UK), Behance, flicker, facebook and website which should be up in short space of time. I have just been published in Nubian Bridal magazine, Drum magazine used my images on Mandla Mandela and Sunday world commissioned me to shoot Qunu in the Eastern Cape.

Probably Google my name (Bazil Raubach) most of my current works crops up there, I am an inconsistent blogger, Facebook often has some of current work and does Flickr.

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NPA ICC Jazz evening   23 June 2012


Bazil Raubach © 2009








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