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Creative Portal – South Africa’s First Cyber Agency

 Creative Portal – South Africa’s First Cyber Agency

Some people might be confused by the term cyber agency but it is actually quite a simple concept. A cyber agency is just like any advertising agency, except that everything is briefed, managed and submitted online. This concept is not a new; in fact, it has been done in overseas countries with the likes of websites such as E-lance and Freelancer.

Creative Portal is South Africa’s first of a kind cyber agency and is a real accomplishment for the South African advertising industry. It is a cutting-edge creative outsourcing portal, servicing companies as well as freelancers across the country. Creative Portal is where the two meet – It’s a platform that allows local companies to post short-term projects for South African freelancers within the creative industry. All jobs are posted, delivered and completely managed online by both the freelancer and the client.

With everything under the sun going digital, Creative Portal realized the potential for this service in South Africa and conducted local research as well as carefully analyzed the overseas business models. They identified a few flaws in the international models, which were barriers to entry. One of the most significant barriers was the fact that the international sites had a bidding process. This means that if you are a freelancer pitching for a job, another freelancer can pitch for the same job and offer to do the job for less. This means that for any given job, hundreds of freelancers have tried to outbid each other and at the end of it, the amount that the chosen freelancer actually gets paid, is not worth the time or effort. It is also a kick in the teeth for the creative industry as it is devaluing creativity as a skill and a profession. When it comes to creative freelancers, the truth is that you get what you pay for.

Creative Portal therefore has no bidding process. Freelancers send a proposal for the project together with their portfolio, and work is awarded by merit, not by the cheapest bidder. The client sets the initial budget for the project and this has substantial benefits, in particular for an agency looking to outsource an overflow of work or looking for additional resources. You know what you need for a job, and you know how much it will cost.  Setting the budget puts you in control and allows you to manage your margins on any project and ultimately become more profitable.

The timing of this website is also not a coincidence. It is no secret that the industry is headed towards freelancing,with many creatives choosing to work in short term contract work as opposed to full time employment. This means that agencies are now able to manage their costs better. Using freelancers as contract workers makes financial sense, and being able to manage it virtually, further reduces other fixed costs such as desk space. This reduces your overall costs as an agency and makes you more competitive when pitching to clients.

It is not a challenge for the creative industry to adopt a cyber agency as they are open to new ideas and receptive to cutting-edge digital offerings and services. Creative Portal has South Africa’s biggest creative department at the fingertips of any person or business, all you have to do is choose the best creative for your needs.






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