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SOCIETY/a celebration of the relationship of art and tees- Tee Exhibition

 SOCIETY/a celebration of the relationship of art and tees- Tee Exhibition

The SOCIETY/ exhibition is a celebration of the relationship between art and dress. They have chosen some of the country’s finest artists to produce a print for the front of a t-shirt, with each to be printed in a limited edition of 3. As Boaston Society believes that streetwear offers another canvas for artists to express themselves. This canvas has great potential for exploring personal values and social identity. The T-shirt is arguably the most accessible item of dress and as a key part of urban fashion, the tee appeals to all genders, ages and ranges across class and cultures.

“We are making the tee an unconventional canvas for the artist; it’s an ever present element of dress which makes it easier for people to relate” says Elisha Mpofu, Creative Director, Boaston Society.

T-shirts allow people to tell a story. They express social, political, religious, economic, tribal or cultural identities and allegiances. So they have chosen the t-shirt as the canvas for the SOCIETY/ Exhibition which will run from the 3rd and 4th of October.


  • Rayaan Cassiem
  • Anwar Davids
  • Ben Winfield
  • Scott Williams
  • Hermz
  • Athi
  • Byron Graper
  • Dfeat Once
  • Keda Gomes
  • Marlon Albertyn

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