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Breathtaking Art Work By Audrey Anderson

 Breathtaking Art Work By Audrey Anderson

The weather might be funny these last couple of days, but this showcase is pure fire! Audrey showcases her awesome talent and we just had to share. So enjoy guys!

Who is Audrey Anderson and what do you do?

I am always curious and on an investigation. I enjoy the company of cats and people. I spends as much time as I can starring at the world around me, also known by others as “day dreaming.”  I take sneaky spy picture of the world, trying to capture a moment that is unaware. A truth that can be reflected as a drawing. I am sensitive to emotion expressed by others. I also investigate and draw lines, and play with colour. Lines and colour can depict complex ideas and emotions with great impact. Drawn lines and colour are interesting communication tools. I don’t think I will ever stop investigating this medium or its narrative potential.


How would you define your style or art?

Glorified graphic novel extracts of inconsequential captivating moments.  My work features a platform for binary opposites with a balancing scale that leans according to the different viewers perspective. I consider mainly the following opposites; control and accident, assumption and understanding, order and chaos.

What inspires your work?

Composition, line, colour and ambiguous moments. With a visual interest in and inspiration from illustrations and comic book art, I have seen how simple lines can depict complex ideas and emotions with great impact.
A day out in the world investigating new places. It can be a visit to a museum, market, street or a friend’s place of work. The best part about being an artist is that you must explore, see life and what it presents to you. Listening to people can also be quite inspiring, just going to a conference or just chatting to someone. Seeing life through someone else’s eyes, new perspective, new ideas and creative solutions to what I see. Concepts about life become interesting when the perspective is different and my mind wanders through a process of


What are you currently working on?

I just finished a show created with wine and coffee so I am reflecting on where I will steer this body of work (what’s next for wine and coffee). There are talks of a collab project with another artist working with wine. Now I am working on some very large ink works based  on my assumption or understanding of the city and the people in it. I am also reworking a collab picture taking project, working with some one else understanding of the world and my assumption there of.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you

In the words of the great sports label, “just do it.” Its the same as the starts of an avalanche, or eating an elephant. Start, do every day and gain momentum. Challenge yourself always, if you get board, it’s time for another challenge.  When you keep doing the same thing with small increments of improvement, success is inevitable.


Where can our readers follow your work?

The best is Behance I always update there:

I am on the usual network:

I have a site, its not really extensive but it needs a review and redo:


Jean Claude van Damme or Steven Seagal? (90’s action stars, who do you prefer if you had to choose?)

Jean Claude













red picnic


The Dress



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