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Freelance Illustrator Mieke van der Merwe showcases her stunningly detailed work

 Freelance Illustrator Mieke van der Merwe showcases her stunningly detailed work

Morning Creatives! Today we have a nice treat for you, in the form of beautiful illustrations by artist Mieke van der Merwe. Happy Tuesday and Enjoy!

Who is Mieke van der Merwe and what do you do?

I am a freelance illustrator/artist at the moment and is in the process of applying to do my Master’s degree illustration next year at Stellenbosch University. After finishing my undergraduate degree I went to South Korea for 2 years to teach English, travel and draw in my journals. It was a wonderful experience and effected my perception of life, race, art and customs.

How would you define your style or art?

Most of my work consist of architecture and cityscapes or everyday objects made in my travel journals and sketchbooks. The line work in these illustrations aren’t rigid or straight but rather a little bent and varying in thickness to give the work a more organic feel. When I draw I make a lot of ‘mistakes’ but feels that it contribute to bringing the inanimate to life rather than being something negative.  I enjoy drawing intricate illustrations where the viewer can look at the picture for a while and still find something new, almost like a ‘where’s Wally picture’. Humor also plays a big role when I create work and is used in a way to bring quirkiness to everyday situations. Fish eyes

What inspires your work?

When traveling and seeing different cultures, food, colours and smells I get inspired to draw everything I see. New experiences really trigger my creativity or investigating new ways of portraying ordinary things. Seeing great art, children’s books, and old vintage magazines are also on my top things that inspires list.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working with a NGO, Nal’ibali, reading for fun campaign, in accordance with my proposed Master’s degree to create children’s book illustrations. In South Africa we have very few children’s books in African languages and this campaign wants to bring South African stories to these children to promote a reading culture within their society. For this project I will illustrate some of the stories in a South African setting with vibrant images to get children excited to  read

Streets of Seoul

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

That to be successful takes hard work. A lot of times people think making art comes from pure talent but that they don’t realise that drawing, like running takes a lot of practice. It is not about making one perfect picture but to make the 1000 okay ones that leads to the one master piece. My other advice is to just be who you are, when it comes to creating art. It is great to be inspired by other artist and learn from them but not to copy them. Having your own unique voice is what is going to make people love your work because it is different from other things they have seen.

Where can our readers follow your work?

I have a Behance portfolio where you could see most of my work at my website, People can also follow my on my facebook fanpage, Pinterest at

Who is better, Michael Jackson or Prince?

Michael Jackson, although he was somewhat special, one can’t deny his tremendous talent.



I shoot people for fun 250x250 small


new york candice


nuwe 2 b


vintage poloroid 250x250 small


yellow vs blue

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