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A chit chat with graffiti artist Shaun Oakley

 A chit chat with graffiti artist Shaun Oakley

Today we have a chat with Graphic Designer and Graffiti Artist Shaun Oakley. Enjoy and happy phuza Thursday

Who is Shaun Oakley and what do you do?  

I am a 26 year old graffiti artist working a 9-5 job as a graphic designer at a big corporate(like everyone else). I work weekends doing graffiti jobs and juggle illustrations and logo work during the week. When I have time I squeeze in some street art.

How would you define your style or art?

I’d like to say my style is a fusion of graffiti/street style with vector art and illustration, I think the combination
of the two makes for something interesting…

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What inspires your work?

The streets of Durban and the internet and its adventures, always something dodgy or weird going on.

What are you currently working on?

Right this moment, I’m working on an illustration for Action Karting at Gateway which I’m going to paint this Monday. Illustration wise, a ghostly red indian guy pulling his face off. Don¹t ask. Haha

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What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

I would say be original, stay busy, take notice, make stickers, put them up, DON’T stop illustrating EVER! And don¹t be afraid to mix things up, break the norm. (easier said the done, but just try.)

Where can our readers follow your work? or

Greenday or Nirvana (grunge/alternative rock groups, who do you prefer if you had to choose?)

Nirvana. I hate Greenday yussis.


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