Jean-Claude Van Damme’s most epic split- Self-Parody Brilliance #volvoad


Experience the most Epic split ever by the one and only Jean-Claude Van Damme.  The stunt was created to  demonstrate the stability of  Volvo’s Dynamic Steering and yes its real.
How? Van Damme was actually connected to safety lines that you can’t see in the video. Small platforms on the trucks’ side mirrors also propped up Van Damme’s feet..

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See the Teaser with Jean-Claude Van Damme and the technician behind the new steering below :


Filmed in Spain on a closed-off landing field at sunrise in one take.
Directed by Andreas Nilsson
Soundtrack by Enya: Only Time

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  • Reply November 18, 2013


    classic. dudes my hero 🙂

  • Reply November 18, 2013


    if it was Chuck, I wonder what his stunt would be ? Instead of doing splits, he would split the trucks with one kick

    • Reply February 21, 2014


      A million thanks for posting this innmtoariof.

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    • Reply February 21, 2014


      Shoot, who would have thhgout that it was that easy?

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