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Meet Fixate The Illustration and Design Agency

 Meet Fixate The Illustration and Design Agency

Today we have a chat with a team doing it big! Enjoy and happy hump day Wednesday
What is Fixate , what do you do and why you do it?
We are a Johannesburg-based web, illustration and design agency. Team Fixate is passionate about providing international quality design and development. The aim of our agency is to create cool (and quality) stuff… oh, and our long-term goal is to rid the world of “Papyrus” for good!

How would you define Fixate’s creativity ?
That’s a tricky one! I think our developers would define our creativity as exhausting. We can’t tell you how often we’ve boxed and wrapped a project – complete with a pretty bow – just to exclaim “oooooh, wouldn’t that be better?!”

Our site is the case in point; the design itself took 6 months!


You have been nominated for some awards, please do tell ?

Our new branding and website has had an amazing response. We wanted to try something that we’d never seen before, without having to go too crazy on functionality and features.

Deviating from current trends seemed to be the best direction to take, although we were unsure of how our design would be received. It’s worked out well – we’re really happy with how people have reacted.

Our site has been featured on a couple of galleries, our favourite being – The Best Designs (a source of inspiration for international trends). We’ve also been approached by internationally acclaimed product design studio, Zurb, to be featured in their gallery of responsive websites.

How do you guys bring your ideas to life?

The award goes to… a good cup of tea. Oh, and don’t forget good old-fashioned research, brainstorming and incredibly hard work!


What makes you different?
We think our site says it all. While we’re interested in current trends, we tend to march to the beat of our own drum. We’re all about attention to detail – be it in the design or development department. The little things do matter!

The web industry moves incredibly quickly, so it’s important that we keep up to date with what’s going on in all spheres to ensure that we’re always delivering the best products!

What qualities do you guys look for when hiring?
Perfectionist, perfectionist, perfectionist. Need we say more?

What’s in the future for Fixate ?
In the near future we intend to kick off our shoes. It’s been quite the first year for our new company and a December holiday sounds great! Other than that, we’re moving in a Software-as-a-Service direction, so we’ll be looking to expand the size of our company a little.

Where can we see more of your work? (please give us your Twitter/ Facebook website/ etc)


Jean Claude van Damme or Steven Seagal ?

Steven Seagal…must be the eyebrows.











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