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What does the bucket list of a Kenyan 4 year old look like #FirstWorldProblems


What does a 4 year olds bucket list look like?

What does the list look like when the child is from a third world country in Africa ?

The  above advert was created to drive attention to the importance of safe drinking water in Kenya by the nonprofit activist group Water is Life . Because clean potable drinking water is hard to access , many children die under the age of 5 in Africa. What better way to drive this message than by bringing to life the bucket list of 4 year old. Nkaitole is  a Maasai boy from Kenya  who lives in a village where water is literally a luxury . DDB New York and the clean-water organization WATERisLIFE worked together to create this wonderful campaign video as part of WATERisLIFE’s on-going #FirstWorldProblems campaign.

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