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Getting To Know The Crew From Spacefellaz

 Getting To Know The Crew From Spacefellaz

Who is Spacefellaz and what do you guys do?

SPACEFELLAZ is a youthful social enriching company based in Cape Town and the companies’ core focal point and vision is youth development. SPACEFELLAZ is a culture. And we think the nine-to-five mentality is kak. Still we love all our peeps holding down their nine-to-five because they are progressive. We have a vision for a cooler and freer kind of living, a fun way of looking at things and a more productive kind of way of doing things.

SPACEFELLAZ is unusual. We promote quality, entrepreneurship and arts. We manufacture SPACEFELLAZ clothing, we have a SPACEFELLAZ print magazine & we have a SPACEFELLAZ recording label.

How would you define your style or art?

Our style is minimalist, clean and unusual.
What inspires your work?

We like to think we are leaving in a world of our own (Spacefellaz Planet), where we create our own stories & legends and a way of life, that’s the most inspiration and we want this ‘’Spacefellaz Planet’’ to actually exist. And our work is inspired by where we come from: our experiences, celebrating our South Africanism and the way we want style to be in the world and us just uplifting ourselves and making sure that where we come from does not define where we are going! We choose our own destiny and if we work hard and smart enough it might just be possible to do what we love and make a living out of it!


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What are you currently working on?

We currently just finished shooting and editing our first ever music video which will be out early February by one of our artist ‘’Lavish 189 – Trumpets call”! We are realising the SPACEFELLAZ magazine issue 004, 14 February!

We currently also working on our 3rd SPACEFELLAZ Clothing Summer Collection Release due Mid February. And also working to get more Retail space where we can stock out products!

We are also launching our Online Store towards end of February.

Where can our readers get in touch with Spacefellaz?

SPACEFELLAZ clothing & Magazine is Available at Boaston Society Space, Long Street, Cape Town.

Our Online presence –





Spacefellaz is a catchy name, how did you come up with that?

We were high when we came up with the name!! Jokes!!!

It was back in 2009 when SPACEFELLAZ started and at the time we were studying Marketing. And that’s when the craze, heavy trending and popularity of local street wear clothing started in Cape Town and the house music scene was also growing big and getting love. Most of the guys who had these street wear clothing brands had no form of formal/tertiary education and they didn’t know how to market their products to other parts of Cape Town and South Africa, either than their own communities. So we kind of had the expertise and that is when we opened our own Website (, where we could create profiles for all the brands and had photo-shoots done for them and post it all on the Spacefellaz website, it was an Online Store where most of the coolest/hippest street wear clothing brands of Cape Town where all available at the time and where people could learn more about them and buy. Studying Marketing at the time helped us a lot and gave us the knowledge and power to help these clothing brands with their Branding, Hand Size Flyer Adverts and create more Awareness around the brands.  We were the guys with the relevant information to help our community’s young entrepreneurs.

So we just had to have a catchy, cool, simple name to go with what we did and we came up with Spacefellaz. As time went by brands faded away and we were sort of left without work and that is when we decided to start our own official clothing line, and also help upcoming music producers and use our magazine to advert and market ourselves, which is why the magazine is available for free. We always had this vision from the day we started Spacefellaz.


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