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Old School Fashion Inspired by Some Rural Love

 Old School Fashion Inspired by Some Rural Love

Today we chat to the guys behind the up and coming hot t-shirt label Rural love

Tell us about Rural Love 

Rural Love is a concept Clothing brand that i founded in 2009. As  Rural love we draw our inspiration from the homelands / countryside  /rural villages, 80’s trends & people who strive beyond challenges.  it’s a celebration of our diverse and rich history. Our mission is  create clothes that are 100% locally made, clothes that have a  nostalgic touch. Clothes that you can wear with a sense of pride. We also do collaborations with brands that have had a positive impact  in our societies.

80's classics

What was the inspiration behind Rural Love T.Shirts?

My inspiration came from my Rural upbringing. I always had an urge of  creating a Concept clothing brand that celebrates the rural side of  our cultures.

 Do you design the T.Shirts yourself? 

Yeah i Conceptualize and design the T-shirts.

Will you be expanding your brand?

Yeah, I will be expanding the brand into Product design / Furniture.

Contemporary styling

Where can our readers find your T.Shirts?

Currently they are available at a store called SOWEARTO, at the Zone  in Rosebank, JHB and they can also order directly from us on / on facebook: RuralLove T-shirts, Twitter  :@Rurallovewear

What are you aspirations for Rural Love?

To sell abroad & do more collaborations with Coca cola, Metrorail, Old  Buck, IWISA MAIZE 🙂





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