It’s time for South African creatives to shine!  As we head towards one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the world, Cinemark – the local representative for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – is calling on industry players to submit more work in the Press and Outdoor categories, as it was revealed in the ‘Shaping Your Future With Cannes Lions’ project* that a surprisingly low number of Craft entries are received in these categories.

“Perhaps the reason for this is that there is not a clear understanding of the extent of impact an entry and specifically how a Cannes Lion award can affect the entrant’s business. Also, it needs to be communicated that not only are creative agencies eligible to enter but so are freelancers such as illustrators and photographers for example, as long as they have permission from the agency or client.  Currently it is almost exclusively creative agencies who are winning the Craft awards, so there is certainly scope for press and outdoor production studios to enter” comments Yvonne Diogo, Marketing Manager at Cinemark.

A superb example of what entering and winning has meant for a production studio can be viewed via the link below.  Illusion, a CGI studio based in Bangkok, was the first Press Production Studio to win a Gold Press Lions as an entrant, this is their experience:

“The Clingy Animals Campaign was awarded a Gold Lion in the Illustration Category in 2013 and has resulted in fantastic growth and recognition for the studio and we really urge South African creative agencies as well as production houses to take up the challenge and submit their Press and Outdoor Craft masterpieces for the Cannes Lions 2014 Festival” concludes Diogo.

The following will be judged for print entries:

Art Direction





The following will be judged for outdoor entries:


Traditional Illustration


3-Dimensionally Crafted Poster Work

For more information visit or contact, specifically about the ‘Shaping Your Future Project’.

You can follow Cinemark on Twitter @CinemarkSK.

*The “Shaping your future with Cannes Lions” project explores how winning at Cannes Lions can have a positive impact on entrant companies and their business. The project is a collection of stories from entrants all over the world that have been awarded at Cannes Lions.


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